Our instructor, late Chief Al Tejero started this tradition after the passing of Chief Inst. Leonard M. Cuarisma. Cuarisma Aka. "Manini" passed away on May 14, 1971. Chief Al, being a man of respect and honor, wanted to ensure that Manini would not be forgotten.

In 1979 Chief Al added to the ceremony by paying respect to Paula Thomas who was a student under Chief Al and the sister of Pam, Chief Al's wife. The tradition of going to Sunset cliffs and throwing flowers and/or leis into the Pacific Ocean was done to memorialize Paula Thomas.

Now, since the passing of our Founder Professor Marino Tiwanak and our instructor Chief Al Tejero, this tradition has changed to memorialize our founder Professor Marino Tiwanak, Chief Manini Cuarisma and Chief Al Tejero as well as CHA-3 students and instructors.

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