Instructor Ladislao Vargas Jr.

In 1978, at the age of ten, I started training in the art of Kenpo. The school was called College Center Karate. My Instructor's name was Dan Cepeda. It was here that I had my first exposure to CHA-3. My Instructor at that time was good friends with a man that we knew as Chief. Chief's full name was Al Tejero of the Central Hawaiian Activities 3 Kenpo Brotherhood Club. Chief Al would bring his class over to our school for sparring sessions and breaking seminars. After two years at College Center Karate my studies with them ended.

In 1987, nine years later, a friend of mine brought me to a martial arts school that she was currently enrolled in. It was here that my path crossed with the CHA-3 Brotherhood once again. After witnessing the aggressive, rigid, street style training, it didn't take long before I was enrolled. Time flew by as I enjoyed the training that was being passed down from Professor Marino Tiwanak through my Instructor Chief Al Tejero.

In 1994, with the blessing from Professor Marino Tiwanak and the Board of the CHA-3 in Hawaii, I was promoted to first degree black belt under the tutorship of Chief Al. As I meet and train with CHA-3 members from the Main Club, I continue to learn and grow. Thanks to everyone that I have trained with from the Main Club, especially Our Founder, Professor Marino Tiwanak and our Professor, Mike Tiwanak.