Chief Instructor Albert Tejero

Our instructors name is Albert Tejero. In 1957, Albert began his training with our founder Professor Marino Tiwanak. In 1968 he obtained a black belt under the CHA-3 Kenpo Karate Association. In mid 1968, he moved to San Diego, California where he met up with Leonard M. Cuarisma (A.K.A. Manini), another certified black belt under Professor Marino.

Manini�s school was called Ken Ka Kung Fu and was the West Coast representative of the CHA-3 Kenpo Association. Albert was named Manini�s assistant. When Manini passed away on May 14, 1971 he carried on the Ken Ka Kung Fu/ CHA-3 school which was a promise that he made to Manini on his death bed.

In 1972, Albert was promoted to the rank of Chief Instructor. This is how he got his nickname �Chief�. We all knew him as �Chief� or Chief Al. In June of 1994 Professor Marino Tiwanak promoted Chief to the rank of 10th degree Chief Instructor.

On August 15, 2000 our Instructor passed away. In over 30 years of teaching in San Diego only a handful of people made it to the rank of black belt under his supervision. He was a tough instructor! He always told us that Professor Marino was an even tougher instructor. Chief not only taught us kenpo but he taught us about the Aloha spirit that Professor Marino passed on to him. He always explained to us about the CHA-3 Ohana. He would always say, �You don�t understand, but you will.� We all miss him dearly, but he will never be forgotten.